Being a Parent to a Child

June 22, 2010 8:12pm CST
Having kids means taking care of them, raising them, loving and supporting them, and none of those things have anything to do with who makes them one night in the bedroom or the experience of being pregnant. For me, if one day my parent's will tell me that I'm adopted, i will not feel bad because they've taken care of me and raised me well. But anyways, I'm glad I'm not.
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• Philippines
26 Jun 10
Good point there! being a parent doesn't just necessarily mean being the biological parent. The act of good parenting does make them worthy to be called "parents". Giving all their best to raise the child well even though it's not theirs is a great effort of a true parents.
@med889 (5958)
24 Jun 10
I am also glad that I am not though, and from the very beginning I wanted to adopt a child to be able to give him/her much love that he deserved to be having, now that I have already talked with my boyfriend that I will adopt one he is ready also. I will also be conceiving myself. Indeed a child is a great responsibility and I am sure to be able to have it.
@coolchai (720)
• Philippines
23 Jun 10
for me it does not matter weather you are adopted or not as long as you are not being abused. so be happy when your family loves you even if they are not your biological parents.