Why do girls love shopping?

June 22, 2010 9:42pm CST
ME and My wife always have a fight with this issue. I really hated shopping specially it cost me a lot. Even they do have a lot of stuff already but still they continue on shopping more...
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• Philippines
24 Jun 10
its like the way how boys love watching live sports game..it is shopping and we are girls, so just do the math..anyways in a deeper context, shopping somehow relaxes girls..i personally like getting new things..it brings abundance to my inner well-being..by simply knowing that i have new stuff already brings the best out of me..i guess you just have to accept the fact that shopping and girls is like a package..but then you also have to bring to the attention of your wife that you also have other things to pay for (water bills, electricity, telephone, etc.) and you have to save for your kids future..
• Philippines
24 Jun 10
Women likes to see new things. Maybe some of us are on material things. We do mostly shop for beauty products, shoes, bags and clothes. If we are mothers we shop for our babies clothes and materials, shop for food and their educational supplies. Some shopping we did are worth and there are worthless too. Maybe we are born to do that, because girls are creative and sensitive to things. If you ask me I avoid shopping recently, i don't have money.
@banban (602)
• China
23 Jun 10
Ha, girls always love shopping. It's mainly because girls love beauty and want to be a beauty, I guess. Then we can buy new stuff to make us more beautiful. And, it's quite enjoyable to go shopping, even going for a window shopping. I don't know why. But we should control the spending on buying things. You see, time is tough, we all need to keep tight on our pocket for the sake of ourselves as well as for the family. :)