Top Things Couples Argue About

United States
June 22, 2010 10:10pm CST
In this life it is just natural that we argue with our partner almost in everything.Couples fights when they have disagreement and most of these fights because of money,work pressure,time constraints and housework. The true issue about money is that if one perso wants to spend money one way,and another wants to save or spend it another way,figths will occur.When people fail to indicate their finacial desires,they will likely fight with their partners. Work pressure this is also a source of fighting inmarriage life.People often feel overwhelmed at work,which leads to a great deal of stress. Stress t work can lead to stress at home. This is very possible if your boss is grouchy at you at work there is a big possiblity that you can bring at home.You will be grouchy also with your family.When this happens,couples often find themselves at each other's throats.They take the pain,anger and frustration they feel at work and project it inot their partners. Time constrains will lead adults often feel they are on a constant schedule. They cannot modify the schedule,as a modification would prevent them from meeting their obligations. This cause a great deal of stress and pressure for couples. The stress manifest itself as figthing Housework this is a constant battle almost everyday in a marriage life if who will wash the dishes,or who will set the trash out,who will get the kids at school lots and lots of houseworks and errands to do that will leads couples into figthing.Fight about house work are rarely about the work itself, but instead it is also about the issues of RESPECT. For instance, if one person does all the housework, they may not feel valued or respected.Some people believe that if their spouses respected them.,they would help with the housework.Thus,when one partner does all of the housework herself,she feels disrected and angry.That anger her to fight with her partner. For me it is kinda different in this situation coz when it comes to housework i do not let my husband do it. I want to do it by myself coz i want to do the way i do it.Like for the dishes if he will wash the dishes and it happen that it does not meet my standard i will do it.It will just a waste of time both to both of us. So thats why we decided that i will be the one who will do it the housework and it will be base on my standard and he will not complain on how i do it.So now we are in the same page lolo. Not unless i am lazy on that particular day or i am not feeling well.My husband will do the housework.
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• India
23 Jun 10
WE fight only if we have a disagreement about the kids' school reports. Nothing else will trigger an argument .. because we have a good understanding. but, for the occasional BLUFF and LIES that I make, ... and, I consider that my heart is with her. and, she does the same. so, there is no question of a serious argument.