How To Avoid Divorce For Christians

United States
June 22, 2010 10:17pm CST
Me and my husband we are consider as late blommers,we got marriage when we are 30 years old. For us we believe in one time and one time lifetime commitment which is the marriage.We took marriage as a very serious commitment towards each other and GOD. We believe that ever since GOD created Adam and Eve,it was His intention for married couples to be a living example of GOD's love to the worls through their relationships.Marriage is more than just an emotional feeling or a temporary relationship that ends when problems arise.Marriage is designed to be a lifetime commitment where both partners serve each other and put the need of the relationship above their temporary desires. Thats why it is very important to put GOD first in everything especially in your relationship.Put Him first and he will do the rest. Let God be the foundation of your relationship.
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@jesgil (95)
• Philippines
24 Jun 10
i should get an advice to you because me and my husband got married when i was just 22 and he was still 24, now that i am 25 and he is 27 we still fight over some silly things. we have a 7 month old baby and i am afraid that we will be a broken family.
• India
24 Jun 10
when a lady gets pregnant, and after the deliver, till the baby is one year old... she suffers physically and mentally also. there is a lot of change in her hormones. SO, it is okay, if the woman makes an argument. BUT... it should be for the male=partner.. and, the husband spouse.. to HELP her out, and bring her back to shape. Please show this to your husband. .. I am a father of two kids. and, if you could see my topics.... you will understand that we are an ever loving couple. fighting over things should be taken silly, and as I have read somewhere, should end up in the bed. goodluck.
• India
23 Jun 10
you should have renamed the word at the headline. It would have been for Christmas? .. because, this is a general topic, .. all those who are GOD FEARING and GOD LOVING and GOD ABIDING would follow this. not just those of Christian faith. I still believe, it is the same GOD, one GOD.. the almighty. with all the different names and following faiths. ------------- Put GOD first, and he will do the rest. and do that with a firm belief. ... thanks for that suggestion. for me, I consider my heart to be with my wife. and she does similarly. so, .. though we pretend to be angry, sometimes.... it is the GODLY love that is in our relationship. thanks.