Existence-Created or Eternal

United States
June 22, 2010 10:54pm CST
Firstly,existence is "That which is everything that exist",not simply "the known universe that got it's start from the big bang. Existence is everything that came "before" that, and every other "universe" that may exist alternately to us.Many believe that such a thing is requires, and that a higher power/ creator is that thing. Others have argues against it in two ways. They believe that existence can go back infinitely.Or they believe that existence itself is somehow it's own first cause,itself not caused.So what about you what is your point of views in life?
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• India
24 Jun 10
If GOD is truth, this truth is, ... the truth that one is able to comprehend, PLUS, the truth one is not able to comprehend, PLUS the truth, that one classifies as not true - based on his knowledge and wisdom at that time, PLUS, the other substance or material, that one will not be able to even make a guess about, PLUS a lot more! .... there is a sweet definition for GOD from AdiSankara, a spiritual Hindu guru... he says, if we can define the NATURE, or GOD... it is not HIM. because, HE is all pervading, and beyond COMPREHENSION and DEFINITIION. so... I would say,... think again.