Union Bank Routing number

June 23, 2010 2:03am CST
I tried to sign up as an affiliate in amazon.com but when I tried to configure my payment method their is a 3 choices amazon gift card (minimum $10), direct deposit (minimum $10), and through check (minimum $100 with $15 service fee), I chose direct deposit but I got a problem because they ask me for a routing number, I used my EON card of Unionbank of the Philippines, my problem is where could I get the routing number? Any Idea with the routing number? because when I transfer money from paypal to eon card they don't ask for a routing number and it only takes 2 to 3 working days.
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• United States
23 Jun 10
Do you have checks with this bank? If not you will more than likely have to call the bank and ask them for it. They should be able to provide it with little to no effort. If you do have checks from this bank, then it will be listed on the bottom of your checks. It doesn't matter if it is not the same account you wish to use as the routing number is assigned to the bank only.
• Philippines
24 Jun 10
Thanks for the reply, I don't have a check so it means I need to called up the Union Bank and ask them the routing number.
• Philippines
29 Jun 10
Hi, did you get your routing number? I am also would like my routing number...