Kindness and Love

June 23, 2010 9:33am CST
There was a young maid with a 6 month baby girl who wanted to work for me. I said alright. She started working then the baby started crying she left everything and ran to her baby. I said it is alright attend to your baby. She manage to do the work what she thought was hers. I had no complain but I know she will not be able to work. The next day she comes home and tells me her baby is having fever, I told her to get back to her baby and take care of her. Your baby comes first, when she is alright you can come and work. She was feeling sad but I have to be in favour of her baby because I love children and do not want them to suffer.
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@Ritchelle (3797)
• Philippines
1 Jul 10
obviously it is financial reasons why mothers choose to work even if a baby arrives. no offense to anybody but in moral aspects and even in the eyes of the law a baby cannot be neglected by mere physical presence of a mother as much as possible and so much so in dire conditions as when the baby is sick. a lot of people just give birth without ever thinking that many people are affected once they leave their jobs and concentrate more on the baby than also make sure to take care of all members of the family. much as there are many, many reasons for giving our child a brother or two or even making only one kid of our own there are many, many things to take into consideration and prepare for. like i used to post here our kids maybe kids but they don't belong to goats. kids of goats can be left alone to fend for themselves. not so our kids. this is fate telling us to have more of a foresight and be prepared in all aspects when bringing a human that we're hoping to have a soul in this world. let us not contribute more to the current problems in the world today.
• Philippines
26 Jun 10
i see my parents' deed of kindness in you...i remember we have had two housemaids that were pregnant when they were hired but didn't say so until it's getting obvious. my parents did whatever help they could to make the child and the mother as healthy as can be. the first child was Sander. his mom was my sister's nanny. the second was Anton. i was in high school when her mom was hired as helper in our house.
• India
23 Jun 10
That is so nice of you. Not everyone is as considerate as you are. For many the work comes first. Only see she does not make it a habit. Once she sums you up that you are too kind she might try to take advantage of you.
• United States
23 Jun 10
Awww, that's so nice of you to do. It's so terribly hard for young mothers to find work today, especially with children. You sound like a really nice person and understand the needs of a baby and their mothers. I hope this works out for you and you become very good friends. She might be the best maid you've ever had, knowing how caring you are. Let's hope so and I hope this works out for you!
@johnpillai (2083)
• Germany
23 Jun 10
Thanks for loving babies. i also love babies.
@aguas_aj (501)
• Philippines
23 Jun 10
That is so nice of you, thinking that you hired a maid for a purpose but you manage to see her need rather than yours. Though I'm quite worried of how you will compute her salary on what basis. It's really tough for both of you to establish a longer relationship. I myself is a mother and would agree to your prerogative that she should prioritize her daughter. But don't you think that she may be abusive and making her daughter as an excuse? Anyways, I salute your kindness. Be careful though