how good or bad of a daughter/son are you?

June 23, 2010 11:12pm CST
I honestly say im not that good of a daughter i was, because my whole life i have given my parents hard time to catch me up, im stubborn. my mother & i always fights for reasons that i dont follow what she wants me to do,im rebellion in nature. But despite of me being stubborn,i never complain of how they raised me. I never complain if my allowance was not enough all the time, i never get to have a nice life as a student when i was a kid because most of the time during break-time i never get to eat rightly & be satisfied because all of the time i dont have any money to buy for my food. I also didn't have the chance to have fun when i was on my high-school days, i never get to go on parties, have fun..The dress that im always wearing were my dress for a couple of years & never get to have the life i would really want to.Although my parent can afford to buy me stuffs, its just that they dont really pay attention to what i want & i need as a child.They want me to grew as person who's thrifty, responsible & not a spoiled brat. It's ok for me now, since im a mother now i wont raise my child the way my parents did to me, for i never really experienced the fun & joy of being a kid, a teenager.. I want my son to have the fun & happiness in life that someday he will also pass on to his children. Im the kind of daughter who's in the middle, bad at the same time good.. Have a nice day everyone, happy myLotting...
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@swn_chik (266)
• India
26 Jul 10
I think i can relate myself to you because I was like you, I never complain anything to my parents, I was like happy with what I have and i never expected more than i got because I 've a large family and I always want my younger siblings to get more than i get,atleast they are satisified.Its not like i didn't get the things I want or need but the thing was I don't want it and 'm satisified with my life.
24 Jun 10
you are a good child for your parents. i think you parents must be pround of you.they want you to grew as person who's thrifty ,responsible & not spoiled brat, that's just because they love you so much.