In some part of our country doing love or love marriage is a big offense..?

@siliguri (4224)
June 24, 2010 1:54am CST
Basically in the northern side society of our country are against of love or love marriage. If someone dare to do that..they were kill by their own relatives called as honour killing. Might you have heard in news that in last week 4-5 were killed by their own relatives brutally how disgusting it is i'm choked how a man can killed his/her own blood. Really my mind get distract by seeing this type of horrible news Why the people have so narrow thinking if your child have done love marriage or love and you thinking that is against your principle leave them instead of killing brutally. What is your thought about it what government should do about this big issue arising in our society..?
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• India
16 Jul 10
Yeah. I also heard like that brutal killings. The thing is even the parents like the person who we select, they'll fear for the society, relatives, neighbourhoods. what they'll think about their family if they accept the love of their child. How they respect, like this. And also the recognition among their relatives will go. They dont call them for functions. If they attend, will speak badly behind them. Like that will happen. As a whole family they'll suffer. So instead of individual the cause behind this brutal killing is society. Some people who dont bother them, who have courage to live without their support accepting love marriages. If everyone neglects their fear about others, we can live peacefully.
@Sreekala (23716)
• India
30 Jun 10
Hi siliguri, Yes I have read many stories in newspaper about the brutal killings just because of the reason, their loved one get married against their wishes. In last week also, a girl’s brother killed his sister and his brother-in-law after two years of their marriage. They both belonged to different castes. You are thinking in the right way, if they don’t like the action of their sibling, they can stay away from them instead of killing them. We don’t have any right to kill anybody. We can’t force anybody to live according to our wishes. Everybody have his/her own preference, likes etc to live in this world.
@nitin_hec (1098)
• India
25 Jun 10
Some old people try to keep their old traditions at the age of computer. And as you know our government can not do anything as they will not get any vote if they speak against such honor killing.
@srganesh (6349)
• India
24 Jun 10
It is because of the caste problem, these brutal murders are enacted. Especially this happens in remote villages where the people are uneducated. They still adhere to the old customs and have pride on their own caste and social set up. If somebody tries to i=overlook them, they never care whether it he is their own blood or not. The Government should try to educate all of the people but they will not do it as it will be harmful for themselves.