i am my mother's daughter!!

June 24, 2010 9:41am CST
i am my parents' daughter. i love them so much. although i am a chinese girl i tell my mother and father i love them very much ereryday. Chinese have no tradition that tell family you love them. but in mine, i think it's good. you love them and tell them. it's absolutely right. at the begining, mom and dad are not used to hearing that. they think it's strange, but as time goes by, they accept it. and to my surprise,they sometimes tell me that they love me, they are proud of me. i'm so happy. :-D hahahaha, my parents are so cute!!...... i love u mama ,i love u dad!!!... :-)
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• Philippines
26 Jun 10
to hear your child say "I love you Mom" of "I love you Dad" is I think the sweetest melody a parent ever hears. I work a lot away from home and most of the time, gets all stressed up at work. But at the end of the day, when I do get home and find my daughter waiting with her arms open (ready for a hug), something just eats up all the stress whatsoever at work. That's the magic kids have towards their parents.
• China
26 Jun 10
yes, and when i heard my mom told me that she loves me 2, i felt happy. :) you must be a great mother of ur daughter. she/he is happiness.
@krnavtr (285)
• India
29 Jul 10
I love my parents very much.They love me,care me and they trust me a lot.To some it may take time to understand what parents are but to some its token of love.I can do every thing to my mother and she is everything to me.I am my mothers daughter only as i was given birth by her and took nice care on me till date.i really appreciate the way she loves me and i love you mom.
@kshp_dpk (214)
• India
29 Jul 10
Being in this world,every parents love their child.I love my parents very much that they take care me and advise me not to do that. I am always praying for the god that please don't depart me from my parents,i cant live without them.I appreciate to my parents what they are and how they were. Always i am thinking that how i am luck to have a wonderful mom and dad in my life. i can sacrificed my life for them. I worship my mom and dad as a god, i never and ever go against them. I do whatever they said me to. Till now i had never lead my parents face any problem,here onwards also i promise i will never and ever do that. All time i though that how can i make my parents to be happy all time,i am trying my level best to be my parents happy. i love my mom and dad till my body turn to ashes. I LOVE MY MOM AND DAD VERY MUCH.
@xylem916 (95)
• India
27 Jul 10
I am happy to beings my mother's daughter because she care me while I was in childhood, sometime when my family become happy I don't know what to do but feeling proud of myself. So I love my parents.
@will_win (222)
• India
23 Jul 10
Being a daughter/son of parents ,we should be proud of them because they take all the responsibility's from our childhood for that we have to love them .And i think you are a good daughter of your parents ,they must be very proud to have you.Try to be like this.
@debdut75 (65)
• India
24 Jun 10
Every parents like to see their daughter the way they want so when you grow up the way your parents want then they become very happy and they love you a lot.