Is it possible to find other girls physically attractive but not be a lesbian?

@Bellapop (1281)
June 24, 2010 2:38pm CST
Sometimes I find girls physically attractive, but I am very sure I would not be a lesbian, at least I don't hink so... as I can't imagaine having a relationship with them, and part of me finds it a bit 'ewwww...'(!). And I have always said that if I was not straight, I would probably still fancy men as a man, so why do I feel a bit attracted towards some women who are physically very attractive? Just trying to get my head straight that is all, and wondering whether other girls have felt the same...?
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• Philippines
25 Jun 10
Hello bellapop, I believe it's natural for girls to be attractive or feeling complimentary to other pretty girls, this what makes different from girls to boys. boys or men can't make that kind of complimentary with out involving girls getting attractive to him. as for the girls, it's quite alright, there's a level when a girl becomes attractive to another woman and does something else.
• Philippines
24 Jun 10
If you appreciate girls that means you are not insecure, that is it. If you appreciate other girls and you think they are attractive that doesn't necessarily mean that you are a lesbian. Other girls are in denial of appreciating other kinds because they have insecurities with themselves, that is what I observed.