Whats the use studying?

June 24, 2010 4:22pm CST
Whats the sense of studying if when we are through the is now job. Thats a waste of time and money. They say education is a must have to get a job yet when we go through our individual struggles to get it there is no employ there for us. Our hard work and sacrifies must not be in vein so i implore on the rulers of our country to stop fighting for position and work together in up lifting the country not taering it down. The education is costly hence there must some way of gain back all that we have spent on education to keep the life abreasted!!!!
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• India
28 Jul 10
Studying is very important to us and it is like our backbone.Every one study thinking that they can become someone in the future.No one can study without any aim in their life.Study hard and be some one and help your parents too.......
• Jamaica
26 Aug 10
Yes i understand that part but what about part that says after finish studying there is no job availability.
@icecubic (1851)
• Indonesia
24 Jun 10
Hi guys. Remember that every single time is studying. No matter when or where you are studying. Studying not only in classroom when we were in highschool/college. Have a nice day.
• Jamaica
1 Jul 10
Hi dear. You haven't told me what is the purpose of studying if when you are through you can't get a job!!!!!!!!!