How do you keep your sanity at work with a hypochondriac and he's your boss??

United States
June 24, 2010 5:09pm CST
Help--i have to work for a living and i can tolerate a lot of things, but my boss is really working my nerves, seriously. He's a hypochondriac and he makes it his duty to have an audience. For those of us who ignore him, he thinks of us as being disrespectful. So, we just listen and never speak, because OMG if we say anything that he doesn't want to hear. There are days i run out to my car, when my work day is over. It's so frustrating dealing with him, to the point that i'm seriously thinking about changing jobs. I'm trying to hang in there until i finish school, but i don't know if i'll loose my sanity before then. Any suggestions?
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• Philippines
25 Jun 10
i've had the same experience before and i end up resigning..the truth is i can tolerate the maltreatment but i'm more concern with my sanity..if i stayed longer in that company who knows what kind of a person i might end i took the best of me and resign..i can't suggest you to resign since you need the job..hang in there..remember you will meet a worst-er boss than him..always remember that..
@Brook909 (111)
24 Jun 10
before answer this point,I need you to make sure if the boss really are a hypochondriac .and when will you finish school.if you finish you school just in a few months,i suggest you hang in there,if there is a lont term to wait,suggesting you changing job,"look before you leap",my two cents worth
24 Jun 10
If you have to hang on...then really HANG ON! Start by psyching up yourself. DOn't psyche up your boss, psyche up yourself. Convince yourself that you don't have the capacity to resolve the problem , but you can deal with it. Everytime he complains, tell him to go to a doctor. MAke him feel that you are concerned and would care to check out a good doctor for his case...then make an exit. Do not argue with him that he is not what he feels he seems. Don't patronize him either. This would just make the short story long. Everytime he does that, try to refer him to a doctor, and leave it in the hands of the doctor, after talking to him the doctor would know that he should be seen by a psychiatrist and that would help your problem.