June 25, 2010 2:15am CST
ow... what is life without a wife???
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25 Jun 10
ha..ha.. well, i guess, it's more peaceful and less stressful! no one to bug you . no one to cling on you. no one to bother you. no one to pressure you. life would be less stressful. and more peaceful. but no matter what the nuisances are, admit it.. a wife would complete a man who is longing to have a family of his own. a wife can put direction to a man's life an be a good motivation. she can be an inspiration. and she can make you feel secure that no matter what, there will be somebody right beside you (though not true at all times :) no matter how you look at it.. having a wife is SOMETHING!
@abj163 (1038)
• India
25 Jun 10
my life is gonna be just like that and i will be happy without happy....i can enjoy my money on my own...i wont have any responsibility ....this thought is very nice for me .......just alone whoa......i know most of the people dont like to be alone but i am not that type of person....and its not compulsory that u must agree with me happy mylotting