Have you ever recieved an email like this?

June 25, 2010 5:30am CST
I recieved an email a couple of days ago which reads : You've pre-approved for a the July 2010 National Gaming Survey! This one has a total of $110 worth of rewards attached to it. CLICK HERE TO GET $110 FOR 10 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME! Visit a site. Download games. Play for a 5-10 minutes and give your opinion. In return you'll receive a $110 reward. THIS SURVEY IS CLOSING TOMORROW. SO ACT NOW! Don't miss this opportunity. Have fun and don't forget to collet your reward. Best regards, Helen Shilton Paid Survey Specialist I have clicked on the link & the site looks legit but I am still unsure as they payment just seems too good to be true which immediately has the alarm bells of a scam going through my head but at the same time, I know that some surveys/testing sites CAN pay this much for your time so I am pulled between the 2 thoughts in my head & kinds feel compelled to join & see what happens. Have you ever joined a site like this? Have they paid you the money they promised? What are your thoughts on this site?
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@de_toya (2434)
• Indonesia
26 Jun 10
That was spamming. Perhaps, the site itself is not scam but you are invited so you are interested to join. They promising you a reward $110 in other you registered to the site. It won't be so easy. They won't give you the money for free. It could be just in your balance and could be withdraw after you purchasing something there. It's just marketing trick to catch your attention. I will never pay attention to this kind of email. I just marked scam to the unknown email in other to avoid myself from viruses or phishing site. Be aware!
• Australia
27 Jun 10
I agree with everything you said there.
@megrawab (167)
• Philippines
25 Jun 10
it looks ok. What site? you dont said any site adress here. If it's free then theres no fear to try. Goodluck...
• Australia
27 Jun 10
I agree but I am still wary that maybe I won't get paid for my time too...the site is surveys4income.