trying to compose a song

June 25, 2010 9:06am CST
i went to the comfort room earlier and then suddenly i just felt like singing a song that i have never heard of before. it just came out of my mind. i kept on singing with the tune that i am not sure if will continue to be harmonious. i was really surprised at myself when i was able to continue singing it up to the part that you can call a chorus. too bad i wasn't able to wrote it down because i forgot it when i came out of the comfort room. next time i'll try to see that whenever i feel like singing a song from my heart i a have a pen and a pad with me... :)
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• Estonia
26 Jun 10
You have talent, my friend!!! :] If you have a piano or a guitar, you can try to play it (it helps to memorize). It's fantastical, that you can compose so well. For me it's a bit different. I "compose" at midnight when I'm trying to go to sleep. I'm awake for like an hour or more, just humming the new song. And when I wake up the next morning. It's gone :[. Good luck and welcome to myLot!
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
that's what i experience most of the time. if won't be able to write the song immediately it would be gone after just a few hours, sometimes after i sing the song i won't be able to remember it again. i might be able to sing a song again but that would be entirely an different one. by the way i do play guitar!!! i am looking forward to learn how to play the piano. :)
@StarBright (2799)
• United States
25 Jun 10
That's great Amita. You may want to invest in a small tape recorder also. Don't let that creativity go to waste. Good luck. By the way, welcome to Mylot.
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
thank you. i am really thinking about doing that lately. :)