Can a separated couple take kids from their parent?

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June 25, 2010 11:51am CST
My friend is a man in the Army. His wife, whom he is separated from, is trying to take his 4 children and move to Arizona from Ft. Campbell, KY. Because he is in the Army he can't move to Arizona to be with his kids. Is there any law that can help keep his children near where he is stationed at least until the divorce procedings and custody hearings have been completed?
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7 Jul 10
In all honesty, most courts will side with the mother, unless she can be proved unfit. There is some way that you can keep her in their current state UNLESS she has no where to go there. Im not sure how its done, but I have seen it done with a friend of mine. Because your friend is in the military, active duty im assuming, the courts will more than likely side with his ex because she is more stable and will have more time with the children. It really sucks, but it is usually how it works.
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10 Apr 12
Thank you for the responses. The mother ended up giving up the kids and disappeared so he got the kids anyway :)
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28 May 12
I guess i wasnt the only person goin thru this situation! Glad it all turned out..and i know this post is late, but what happened?
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25 Jun 10
you should talk to your lawyer about it. wait and hope for the best.