Why heavy after marriage?

June 25, 2010 1:04pm CST
I hav seen majority of Indian ladies put on weight after marriage.Can you please explain why?
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• United Arab Emirates
26 Jun 10
I am not a lady, but I have understood from a few ladies and also from my wife that ladies do put on weight after marriage. And the reason they explained to me is bcos of the pleasure they have in a physical relation. Have you noticed even working women put on weight after marriage. This is bcos the body goes through an emotional change when you have physical relation, a kind of satisfaction that makes you put on weight.
• India
30 Jun 10
I cant exactly relate to this coz i have few friends with whom we do all sort of discussions.They hardly get physical but stil has put on a lot of weight.
@merma1267 (130)
• Philippines
26 Jun 10
Seeing on that, they believe that since that they already married to the they love, they wont even think of what they looks like and their husbands already been accepted such, which is wrong. No matter we are married or NOT, we need to take care of ourselves, why? not loose of our self confidence. We don't know the future what will happen next to our relationship.
• India
30 Jun 10
You are absolutely right.I have seen many women thinking it this way.But i dont like this mentality.I have put on a lot of weight recently after baby's birth.But i really dont like seeing myself in the mirror.Trying hard to shed some kgs.
@cher913 (25889)
• Canada
25 Jun 10
it happens here in north america too. people tend to settle after they get married and feel they dont have to worry about their weight as much because they have already gotten married/found someone,etc.
• India
25 Jun 10
Ok its the same there also.I had no idea.Thanks for ur quick response.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
24 Jul 10
Select an exercise pattern to suit your life style. All of us have different life styles and professions so there is no sense in trying to follow the book strictly. Try and follow an exercise routine that is suitable for you. You have to understand that even more important than the exercise it is sticking to it. So unless you choose something that can suit your life style, you are not going to stick on to it.
@pinky31ps (329)
• India
18 Jul 10
well its most of the times because of the changes in the hormonal balance in the women's body due to the semen of the men... this doesn't happen with all the women.. but most of the times it is the reason.. plus the other reason is that they don't have to attract anyone as they are married now so they hardly pay attention towards their health and body maintenance...
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
10 Jul 10
its because in india they are habitual to eat more oily food. they should get to low caloric foods and get pretty in their husbands eyes.. nothing else is wrong