The desire to spread Christianity is stronger than...

June 25, 2010 4:01pm CST
I remember when I was writing an essay on a history topic (what do you think are the causes of imperialism?)at a University in England where I studied History and Sociology, I included 'religious zeal' as the strongest reason for imperialism (apart from greed for wealth and power). That essay didn't get a high mark from my tutor but I like the comment he gave: 'This essay has merit...' In writing my points, I compared the strength of religious zeal (Christianity) with the strength of desires for wealth and power (fame). I wrote that religious zeal (divine motive) is the strongest reason for imperialism as it is directly referring to God, and this zeal is backed up by God, whereas, the search for fame or wealth is driven by the human flesh and this motive could become weak in the middle of life difficulties, say for example, in the middle of a stormy sea. But, to spread the Gospels of Christ to all parts of the world is biblical and a divine calling by God. It withstands whatever hardships. I would say here that religious zeal gives legitimacy to imperialism and saves the latter from being blamed as merely caused by human greeds. To My fellow myLotters, what do you think is the strongest reason for imperialism?
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@savypat (20246)
• United States
26 Jun 10
Religious zeal certianly is the most used excuse for man's inhumanity toward man. Since Christianity is on the downward side I wonder how all will accept the Moslem faith which is on the rise?
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• Malaysia
27 Jun 10
Hi savypat, thanks for your response to my topic of discussion--what is the strongest cause(s)for imperialism. After I posted this topic, something came into my mind that my topic would sure create a controversy. I would like here to justify my position. I am on the fence for the topic. I based my point from my history tutor's comment. I think your phrase "the most used excuse" aptly describes the motive for imperialism.
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@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
27 Jun 10
Imperialism is the strategy for acquiring authority and control and the reasons for it can be money oriented or a psychological need for power. I’m not sure if religious zeal is just another way of displaying a psychosomatic call which is one of the needs of insecure humans and I'm not sure if faith in God encourages requiring enormous power.