New neighbors

June 25, 2010 4:51pm CST
I would describe myself as quite a sociable friendly person, though feel edgy around new people who have come to live in the same building as you. Maybe because you have to show hospitality etc? It's okay if it's outside of where you live as you can decide who you want to get to know from those you don't and generally speaking I prefer familiarity than change. It would be interesting to know how other people feel if they have ever been in a similar situation themselves and how they manage their feelings? I keep my distance more than I show friendliness even though I am more than aware that this isn't always the best thing to do.
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@rosie230 (1674)
25 Jun 10
I am very social, but I do take time in getting to know someone. When I used to live in a block of flats, where I was bumping into my neighbours of the same building quite freqently, I always said hello... sometimes I did not get a response, and sometimes I got a good chat from it, I think your right when you share a building I think you do kind of feel that you have to show some kind of hospitality. I now live in a house, and I do say hello to some people, but I find it hard to say hello to others as they just don't really seem that interested in talking or even noticing you. I am like you, because I also prefer familiarity. I don't allow myself to become too friendly with anyone until I know them properly.
25 Jun 10
I've had the experience in which I've made friends with some neighbors only to have gotten too involved in their lives and regretted ever doing it, but they were the ones to come to me first not the other way around. Now I guess I just don't want to have the same experience so keep myself to myself, but worry that they are going to approach me and be inviting - I just don't want to do more than say hi and then bye and because when you live next to strangers, you can't chose to just move away from the if something goes wrong.
• Philippines
28 Jun 10
hi there! you got me here. i am not a sociable person too. in fact, not having any friendster or facebook or twitter account might proves it well. i am not used to socialize with people. i don't like going to parties too. not even going out of the house to chat or mingle with neighbors. we are living in current place for 8 years now, and neighbors usually change after a year or two, but none of them i have really talked or met personally. there are still neighbors now that i haven't seen. i let my mom handle the hospitality thing. i only get to go out with real good friends i have known well or with family only. but i think it won't hurt if we'll give a try some time. when i walk my dog outside i get to see neighbors now and chat a little bit. my dog loves going to the neighbor's house he even got more friends around the house than me. hoping we'll get over this thing soon. it'll help us. happy mylotting!