Do you think they should do a movie with an alternate ending?

@stealthy (8188)
United States
June 25, 2010 5:21pm CST
I was unhappy with the ending of Lost. So, I would like for a movie to be done with an alternate ending where they don't all die. They could still kill off the smoke monster but Jack and Hurley could get back like Kate and Sawyer and Claire appeared to be heading to do in the plane. Of I would really like one where Jin and Sun live to be with their daughter. What do you think? Do you want and alternate ending movie?
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@callmecat (248)
• United States
29 Jun 10
I really really hated the ending, too! I was so upset. I mean, killing off so many characters and not answering questions isn't good story telling. I don't think I'd want them to make a movie with an alternate ending, though. I think we just have to move on. I've heard when it comes out on dvd that it will have alternate endings, but I don't know if that's true or not.
@ElicBxn (60884)
• United States
25 Jun 10
I understand they did several alternate endings for Clue and a different ending for King Kong vs. Godzilla, for the U.S. and Japan (U.S. Kong wins, Japan Godzilla does!)