why is it anime is so popular not just for kids but for addult as well?

June 26, 2010 4:05am CST
i watch anime since when i was a kid i enjoy every interesting characters the stories weather its fantasy, action,love and horror.i think why is it popular its because everything is possible. most especially fantasy and action anime the imagination is unlimited i thinks that is why its so popular to all of us!
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• United States
30 Jun 10
Anime is awesome!!!
• Philippines
1 Jul 10
there a lot of new concept and new stories are come in out each month in animax and im really excited about all new releases, my favorite is full metal alchemist, Naruto and bleach awesome series!!!
@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
26 Jun 10
well because its target is not mainly kids and they follow a linear path unlike cartoons. Well what i mean with linear path is that there is a storyline.
• Philippines
28 Jun 10
i think thats why anime is such a phenomenon, for series, movies, Mangga, toys and cos-playing.
• Philippines
11 Nov 10
The beauty of anime is that it has various levels of understanding that many in the population can easily relate to. In anime, traits, values and life lessons are depicted in every character and the plot has many realistic conflicts and twists to keep the reader or viewer engaged. Anime also uses emotions and relationships to have a deeper understanding of the character to the point that the character has almost have a life or existence of its own. Most anime character and plot are based on basic human psyche, even though its setting can be a product of imagination.
• United States
8 Jul 10
I think it's the stories, and the fact that so many different stories can be told without falling into one particular genre. I think it's the animation too, because it's different than a lot of other types of animation too.
@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
8 Jul 10
There are many anime which are meant for teenagers/adults. As you mentioned, there are many genres and there are always something suitable for the different age groups. I personally find anime more entertaining and engaging than drama. ^^
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
6 Jul 10
this is just my opinion. most of the anime we have nowadays are really specified for adults only.there is different types of anime and i would rather say when it comes to anime - japanese animation, it always go along with adults not kids.i prefer to called 'cartoon' for kids and 'anime' for adults.most of the anime contents we have are not suitable for kids and there are not for them indeed.yes, i do agree with you that the popularity and the storyline are really attractive that makes us really enjoy the show!
• India
3 Jul 10
I believe that Anime is popular even among Adults because, these things unlike other cartoons are series and have a storyline , which is interesting and appealing to many in many ways. Also these animes are crafted with good scripts so that one doesn't feel irriated . I think Anime is popular as it has fatacies that attract people.
2 Jul 10
Sweet!!! I have been watching anime for haha forever now!!!! lol My favorite one is DragonBall Z, and Naruto!!!! But yeah i guess adults like it too. It seems that most anime that come on now are mostly for adults anyway :) I think correct me if i am wrong...
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
2 Jul 10
Its the way its targeted. While the ideal audince is for children, the anime itself is actually generated to the adult, but as a kid, you don't realize that. As you grow older you learn to read between the lines. You see Anime for what it truely is, instead of how it was hacked. At least that's how I see it. Besides, Anime also opens my eyes to a different culture, and a very different way of life. This is something I feel is especially important as well.
@xenobane (205)
• Canada
29 Jun 10
Anime is an industry itself, if there are needs then there will be services. From my personal understanding, Japan has a high pressure society, people will need something to take things off their minds. Anime and Manga are like brothers and sisters that are helping ease the pressure off people's minds. Many of the animes are for all ages, and some are for adults only. As you know Japan is a very "open" country about certain aspect of life, and you can expect many animes and mangas target that particular part of the market. I watched a lot animes myself, from robot action to fantasy,and from comedy to horror. There are as many types of anime as there are for movies, it all depends what you like. Is like people are trying to get out of their live through the anime experience, and rethink the purpose of lives. Perhaps it also has something to do with WWII, as Japan was the only country suffered from an atomic bomb. And it has left a scar in the people, pretty much all the robot/action anime will at some point feature an nuclear-like blast, as a reminder of the past horror. You will often find lots of the animes have deep meanings within, from human nature to philosophy. There are often lessons to be learned from such animes, and you can sort tap into the mind of the creator, and understand Japan from a unique perspective. Anime is truly a wonder in this world, no other country can manage something quite like this. Not only we can enjoy great stories and remarkable characters, but we also get to understand the meaning behind the drawings.
28 Jun 10
Yeah your right, the possibilies in Anime is limitless, that one reason why it appeals to everyone. Also, everyone can appreciate the artwork. Adults like it because it deals with alot of adult themes.