great advices from dog to be learned :D

June 26, 2010 7:32am CST
if a dog was your teacher you would learn stuff like:- when loved ones come always run to greet them never pass the opportunity to go for a joy ride allow the experience of fresh air and wind in your face to be pure ecstasy when its in your best interest practice obedience let others know when they have invaded your territory take naps peacefully stretch before rising run ,romp and play daily thrive on attention and let people touch you avoid biting when simple growl will do on warm days stop to lie your back on grass on hot days drink a lot of water and rest under a shady tree WHEN ur HAppy dance and wag your entire body no matter how much your scolded dont buy into guilt right back and make friends delight in the simple joy of long walk eat with enthusiasm and stop when u had enough be loyal never pretend to be something ur not when someone is having a bad day stay silent,sit close and nuzzle them WHAT DO YOU THINK OF DOGS????????
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@katiesueg (259)
• Italy
26 Jun 10
Hello Frozenphoenix, You have some great observations on the lessons that dogs can teach us. It has brought back some great memories of some of the dog friends I grew up with. I think if we all followed their lessons, we would definitely have better family relationships and appreciate life more
• India
26 Jun 10
yeah thats for sure but one thing makes me sad that not many people have taken interest in this nice topic actually im happy even if they read :D
• United Arab Emirates
26 Jun 10
I would love to keep a labrador as a pet. But i havn't kept a pet till now. I used to see this labrador in my last office. It was so cute and loyal.
• India
26 Jun 10
hey ma fav breed of dog is also labrador.. :)
@minx267 (14650)
• Hartford, Connecticut
13 Sep 10
My dogs have also taught me PATIENCE.. I was never more patient until my dog walked in an unhurried fashion and I realized nothing good was going to become of my yelling at him to hurry up.. so I just slowed down and enjoyed the sites that he enjoyed. It was very calming. It was the best lesson I could have learned.