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United States
June 27, 2010 12:41pm CST
My boyfriend has the Xbox 360. He wanted to play online and in my area you basically can only get dial up. I had heard about satellite internet and told him to call Hughes net and see if they offered it. They told him he would be able to play the game online. We got the package paid 125 up front installation and come to find out he can't play online. We cancelled the services which were 79.99 a month. Which I though was high but was welling to pay for it. Now that I have cancelled they telling me the bill is just about $500. They will give me a $200 credit If I return the modem and stuff. I told them I wasn't returning anything because I feel like we were lied to and the money I paid for it it was already paid for since now they said we couldn't get a refund.
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• India
22 Aug 10
Hi ash Welcome to mylot I am from india, here the service provider is a local man, he receives via satellite through dish antennas and provides via cable, well i pay 300 rupees per month, here DTH servises are available but i am not going for them.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
@Jstewart (167)
• United States
27 Jun 10
Been there. I lived in an area where you had to have satilite and they limit your internet usage. so if you go over what ever that ammount is the charge you per megabyte you go over. I was so glad when I moved and got cable. also if you call your local cable company and ask if the will run a line they will come out. If there enough homes that they think that they can get subscribers from they will run a line. but if you live in the country and theres only like 4 houses per 4 acres or somthing your out of luck. I would at least call and see. They may have only stoped the line down the street and would be worth it for them to continue to run the line. good luck and I feel bad for your boyfriend. that has to so .... lol I can't swear but you know what I mean. good luck