Is it safe to post too much pictures at Facebook?

June 27, 2010 1:41pm CST
Good day to all. Now a days, a lot of internet scam are coming out. Scams such as photo scandal, video scandal and the likes. But despite of these, still there are a lot of people post a lot of their pictures. Just like my friend, she almost use the Facebook as her photo album wherein, she post all her pictures. Every event, every occassion, and every moment that she had a photo, she will post it to Facebook. I reminded her of some scam incident but, she told me that, she already set the privacy security. And because of this, she feels secure. Though Facebook has a privacy security, I think we should also be careful in uploading our own photos. How about you, do you think it is safe to post almost all of your photos here? Is it really safe to post too much pictures at Facebook?
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@burrito88 (2779)
• United States
27 Jun 10
What ever you post online you are giving to the public. I you post photos and list your address or town you could risk getting stalked or having the photos misused. There have been case of teachers being fired by photos of them posted by other people. It doesn't have to be the Internet. There was a case I read about where a guy saw the photo of a woman who wrote a article for the New York Times Sunday Magazine and he looked up her phone number and started leaving obscene messages on her answering machine. The crazy thing was that h didn't think he was dong anything wrong because he never spoke to her, just the machine, as if not realizing she would hear the messages later. Once you post photos online or say things online, you're giing it to the world.
• Philippines
27 Jun 10
I have been stalked online by someone and frankly speaking it would not be good to post your pics or personal information on social sites. Some people are just there to make you miserable. Yes with this online scandals you might probably be a victim if you post too many pictures on fb.