Righteous Path the Road for Obama

The Road for Obama - President Obama is comfronted with crisis and must face them with skill and strength.
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June 27, 2010 2:06pm CST
The President has handed a crisis in the gulf which is the focal point of an interesting set up of circumstances. It seems on every turn deep crisis are bubbling to the surface. There is no more comfortable photo opts and relaxing decisions about who should be in the BCS. The Oil crisis is still the biggest and most troubling situation for the President and he is almost defenseless against it. Until it is stopped he wont begin to recover politically. But what he can do is show more emotion and show more of a strategic plan. There are too many people that wish to help clean up Oil who are not being able to. He must make the call and coordinatnate whomever he needs to let people help. This is a national security issue. This will get better. However the biggest issue thats bubbling to the surface is Immigration. He must make sure to implement the additional 1200 troops, contract with private to build the surface where they can advertise over it. The mood of the country wants a wall or a fence. All of our borders should be analiyzed because of national security. The problem with militarising the border is we are speding ourselves too thin. We dont have enough troops. Afghanistan is heating up. 46 deaths this month. We must cconcentrate and be prepared to change our stratedy. A commentator said to win whatever that is we have to stay there 20 to 25 years with 100,000 troops. In Afghanistan, we should make our own city, and government and create a permanent presence in the area. The area is big enough. For instance the city of Marja could become an american city now. In our city we can maintain a force of 10000 with several convert and reconniasse units. A major part of the city would be civilians though. Obama should start a civilan defense force where any America can stand up. If they want to go work in all kinds of Industry they can go overther. This force caan be as big as the free market will allow. The military can be downgraded or upgraded as the needs allow but should never go beyond 10000. We have troops in many other areas, let be honset and set up a permanent shop in Afghanistan and bring a consistent permanent solution. The would be the ingenuity of American business and american risk taking to go over there and push America. Of course those going would have to be respectful and maybe indeginous to Islam. There could some American muslims who who love to teach about how Islam and Americanism can work together this is the approach that must be used. We cant try to convert them but respect them and maybe then they will be open. However ther are some that will not be open and furthermore will resent Americans on their soil. These we must prepare to fight. Because of what happened September 11th we must pay attention to what is going on and we should fight to set up a permanent shop where we can monitor what is going on.
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27 Jun 10
i dont think that it would be a wise idea to set up an american city in the middle of an islamic state. most of the inhabitants of Afgnistan and the countries aroud are not happy with the US presense in the region. if the very idea of coming up with an american city is brought up, all hell is likely to break loose.
• United States
28 Jun 10
We already a base and a presence in Afghanistan. In a Iraq the army developed a green city to house their base and civilian population Im talking about expanding that to include a business and a free religion wing. Yes they will be upset but their already upset. Use this approach to set up a base which to spread American idealism in a region where we must have an impact.
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7 Jul 10
the green zone is not actualy a place where the american population in Iraq are staying. it is where the Iraq government is based and also where the US military head quarters in the region is based. the thought process would be, could America allow one of its cities to be turned into a Islamic city, under the sharia law? i highly doubt it.
@xfahctor (14130)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
28 Jun 10
There is a solution and it doesn't have to involve our military currently deployed abroad. The states of course have their own military forces they could deploy, in the form of their national guard troops. Many also have exclusive State Guards, though they mostly exist on paper. The problem in utilizing both is that it requires money, money many states don't have right now. The other problem is with the State Guards existing mostly on paper, it requires action from the state legislature or governor to utilize their authority to call up citizens who are defined in many state constitutions as "the militia". But it is an authority many states have. SO, the funding, how do we do it? The solution exists in the U.S. constitution. In addition to declaring war, the congress also has the authority, on request of the President, to issue letters of marq and reprisal. This would authorize the funding of citizen militias and could also theoretically direct funding to the states to fund their own national and state guard troops. It would also allow for the use of private security firms like BlackWater.....but this is no job for soldiers of fortune so I would hate to see companies like this get in to the act. The forces protecting our border should be there because they want to defend their homeland from invasion, not there for profit.
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3 Jul 10
I believe a civilian defense or a citizens milita is a good idea. People interested should go through training by the feds. This is answer in all our situations. Give everyday noral citizens a chance to be involved. For instance in Afghanistan let a defense force help provide propoganda and a business model and work hand and hand with military operatives. IOn the border the same issues could apply. This defense force would not be paid but minimun wage if anything and would not be serving a long time but only as long as they want.