Are foxes really dangerous?

June 27, 2010 3:11pm CST
I wouldn't say that Foxes are my favorite creatures but there is definitely something about them that makes them extremely intriguing animals. Today I saw one in my garden pecking at the ground in the same way that a bird would, then sit and clean itself before vacating the area. I was trying to make my mind up about whether foxes really are as dangerous as the recent media attention has given them a bad label. Here in the UK, there have been two separate incidents of reported claims of foxes attacking babies and small children and although these are genuine cases, I can't help but feel drawn more to them when they otherwise appear so clever, never going near humans at all other times as they are people-shy. What do others think of these creatures that I guess the Cougar and Bear is America and Canada's equivalent garden visitor after food in the garbage.
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@fpsninja (874)
25 Jul 10
Foxes are normally dangerous in themselves, but its more because that the area avaiable for them to hunt and gather food in has decreased due to road building, and the creation of new homes and the like, has led them to have to look in urban populated areas for food, which inevitably will cause one or two problems