June 27, 2010 9:25pm CST
.. a friend of mine watched a documentary film entitled "walking the waking journey" and its about the life of the people in the Himalayas... she was shocked to learn that in there, people live like the olden times... so primitive... you really will shed tears in watching... we are luckier though to have at least a better way of living...we should already be thankful.
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• India
28 Jun 10
what is that? can you give out the link? If you could think that living PEACEFULLY is like living in the primitive ... I don't contest. but, I had been to HIMALAYAS.. Indian side of that.. and, enjoyed my trip to the total. There the people are very PIOUS. don't eat NON=VEGETARIAN, are very friendly. Give u all basic amenities, even if you cannot understand their language. nature there is still not poisoned. no POLLUTION. all serene and peaceful. We consider HIMALAYAS as a place of WORSHIP and DIVINE.