When you talk to somebody in english do you take care of Grammar..?

@siliguri (4226)
June 28, 2010 2:39am CST
There are many persons who can talk in english fluently but few persons are there who can talk in english without any grammatically erroneous and have sound fluency. Do you give emphasis on grammar when you talk somebody in english...?
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@jerikjames (1043)
• Philippines
9 Jul 10
I do! I really can't help it as I've been writing in English since the third day, and when it comes to writing, you have watch out for your grammar. I've started conversing/speaking/reporting in English in High School and I found myself stuttering as I'm struggling to construct the right sentences. My classmates appreciated it though. Now I'm in college, I'm still grammar conscious but I don't mind it that much anymore. What's important I think is that you're conveying what you mean properly and what you're saying makes sense, and of course, your friend clearly understands what you're saying. =)
@SHAMRACK (8525)
• India
28 Jun 10
Dear friend, I mostly do have grammer mistakes not only while talking while writing also. Moreover I hope the language we talk and write have some different, as the colocial language might not be project while in written. Still I hope to communicate in a simple way so that the other could get me well.
@altaircho (130)
• Bulgaria
28 Jun 10
Hey siliguri! Whenever I type or talk in English i would listen others and note their mistakes in my head.I do the same thing for myself and try to improve my English skills. Whenever I use the English language,I always care about grammar and I try to use words and grammar that doesn't burden the other people i communicate with!The reason I do it is that when i was a little child I had a very good English teacher who tried to teach us that we should pronounce words right and make grammatical correct sentences.I think that she did that for our own good so i remembered it. I suggest everyone tries talking correctly English and see if there is a difference in the comunication Happy mylotting
@srganesh (6348)
• India
28 Jun 10
No! I am not good at speaking in English. In fact, I have no need to speak in English. Even here, I manage to correct the tenses quite often. But while speaking we will not be able to go back and correct our words.. So, If I need to speak, I just restrict the conversation with few words.