Cellulite - Why does it appear? What are the reasons?

@velika (31)
June 28, 2010 8:51am CST
The most mentioned reasons for its appearance are: stress, harmful influence of environment, unfit foods, irregular nutrition, disorders in hormonal balance, insufficient physical activity, affected functions of inner organs and systems, consumption of too much alcohol, coffee, tea inconvenient clothes, etc. Where does it appear? What it's like? The thin layer of subcutaneous fatty tissue which is the main reason for the attractiveness of women' body is in fact very easily attacked by above mentioned factors. That is why in's exactly the 'place' where unpleasant consequences occur when the organism is unable to cope with them. Squeezed between fingers, the skin is no more smooth, it's already become rough. In case of a continuing influence of above factors and no an adequate counter reaction to them the roughness becomes visible. In the course of time this roughness goes deeper an deeper an finally the typical orange peel skin appears. What has really happened? The blood and lymph circulation of subcutaneous fatty tissues has been destroyed an correspondingly the sebacious cells have started to retain more fluids, wastes and toxins. The intercellular space has been occupied by unwanted dense fibres that additionally hamper the vital activity of the cells. The latter cannot generate energy because they unable to burn out the stored fats. Even long term diets and hunger cannot help the orange peel skin over thighs, buttocks, tummy etc. stay unchanged. This explains the fact that even slin women can have cellulite....and :-))) to be continue!
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