@zubirik (111)
June 28, 2010 10:51am CST
One of the major sins that usually people encountered. Dealing with this attitude really sucks. It can be seen so obviously, It could be in terms of verbal actions or body language. Nevertheless, this character is present among us. Moreover, this attitude is apprehended by pretention, guilt, and a lot more. Sarcasm is in deed not a good value or character. That's true. It can start a fight and it can even create barriers for friendship. So, how many times did you act sarcastically and how did you deal the attitude, Is it hard?
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@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
12 Jul 10
People who are sarcastic are usually very insecure; people who are trying to cover this insecurity. They usually develop this character in their youth and unless someone points it out to them as a character flaw when they are young, they tend to carry it to some degree into adulthood. Try to turn thier comments around on them and make them see what they say is either childesh or hurtful and maybe they will see the light. Shalom~Adoniah
@eileenleyva (10981)
• Philippines
28 Jun 10
zubirik, sarcasm is not a capital sin. It is more like a personal characteristic of a person who tend to philosophize situations. I view sarcastic people tongue in cheek. They sort of try to create a shield so that people will not penetrate their own frailties. It is some sort of defense mechanism. Very witty defense mechanism.