Are you satisfied with your job?

June 29, 2010 1:01am CST
Last Sun. I had my IV Training. Out of 66 registered nurses, there are less than 5 of us who have a work and only 1 is working in the hospital. The rest, are just hanging around. Sad :( All this good people and no work. Actually, there are lots of trainings available like the chemo, radium, hemo etc. and tons of seminars to attend to but still you have to have money in order to attend all this and still no work promised. One of my new friend is working in a health insurance, although not really a hospital setting but at least in line with medical field is having doubts if she will still pursue the hospital setting kinda work. I'm faced with the same issue. Will you continue your job knowing that it's just somewhat related to your course, or sacrifice it just to pursue your course not knowing if there is really a job there for you?
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• China
1 Jul 10
I am so tired of my current job.but i have to do this job now,cause i don't find a new job yet.last time i changed my job,it is not a good experience.I don't have a full thought about next this time i will do a thorough consideration before i quit this job.
@lovemate (28)
• India
30 Jun 10
i always try to do something better
• China
29 Jun 10
I don't know whether I am satisfied with my job.Nowadays I feel tired.Because it has too many projects.To my upset,one project do not complete,we start to think of another one.So I think we should make a decision on what we need to do.Unfortunately,we do it as before.I lose my way.
• Philippines
29 Jun 10
i am always satisfied... but not Contented for whatever i can do to do better....
@joyce318 (139)
• China
29 Jun 10
I am not satisfied with my job right now. I want to do the trading business, but it is hard to earn money in this company. But I will insist on it for certain time to judge if the company is worthy or not. Maybe, after one year or more, I will quit and find a new one.