what make's your love for he/ she is so important to you

June 29, 2010 1:22am CST
Just think what is the most important thing for you in love.Love happens to everyone but only few can get the real love .Every time you look at your love what happens to you and what makes you to feel for him/her.The best thing about love is it makes you feel happy and you can have lots of fun.If you are with right partner you might having great fun and you are always happy with him/her.What is that one thing which makes you happy in love is the most important thing as that is only thing which is important to you and try always to keep you active in love.So just enjoy with your love and also find out whether he/she is your real love.Make sure that you are happy with your love otherwise search for the love who makes you feel special and happy.But never play with your love and be happy.
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