Taking medicines

@seldon (32)
June 29, 2010 4:21am CST
Hello Everybody! I am really interested in your opinion: if you are ill, do you prefer to take medicines or you choose alternative methods?
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• Philippines
27 Jul 10
If I feel to ill or I am just going to have it, I choose alternative ways to cure it, even though I am a nurse, but once I already have it, I already cure them with medicines. Because I don't use to take medicines always if I am not feeling well, I would first look for some alternative ways to cure it, but when I already feel it or I am already sick I take medicines instead. Because, it is not safe to take medicines all the time, mostly if you really didn't know what is the reason why you are not feeling well. Some medicine may worsen your condition because your taking medicine that will not really cure the cause of your illness.
@seldon (32)
• Hungary
11 Aug 10
Hi blue_einjhel! Thank you for your comment! Good to gave a nurse on board in case anything happens here :-)
@Ithink (10492)
• United States
6 Jul 10
I take alternative methods other then the occasional Ibuprofen, if you consider that medicine. I havent been to the doctors in 15 years and then it was just to have our last child. Im a firm believer in herbs and vitamins. Of course if there was something like a heart attack I would go or something broken but for colds, infections and other things I treat myself.
@seldon (32)
• Hungary
7 Jul 10
Hello Ithink! This is interesting! 15 years without a doctor! Please tell us what methods do you use!
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
4 Jul 10
That depends on what kind of condition I am suffering. If it is just cough and colds then I would just let it pass by drinking more and more fluids and eating more fruits than the usual. But it would be another story if it is more serious and I would get and take medicines because it is hard to find some alternatives other than what is available in the pharmacy.
@jugsjugs (13045)
1 Jul 10
I tend to try not to take medicines if i can help it,as i have noticed if you are already on one type of medicine then it can react with other things that you take.I think that some pain killers do not work,like they should but i get to the stage where as i have to take them as the pain gets soo bad.
29 Jun 10
Well, it depends how sick I am. For a one day cough, I would start first with just increasing fluids and taking vitamin C. But if it does not resolve after 2 -3 days, then i do take medicine. Actually, it all depends to the illness. Of course, when I'm in pain...there's no room for alternative meds as you want get rid of the pain easily. For some trivial illness which i think would go away wihtou medicines, then a liitle alternative medicines would ... otherwise, i take the real ones.