did anyone really paid from Geostring?

@hasandu (157)
June 29, 2010 6:58am CST
did anyone really paid from Geostring? why they will give u $10 just to signup?
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@valkerion (1829)
• United Kingdom
29 Jun 10
They give you $10 that you can have when you reach $100 which is the minimum cashout amount. In order to get this $100, you need about (with fast calculation) 9000 members under your pyramid.
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@hasandu (157)
• Bangladesh
2 Jul 10
shame on geostring!!!!!!!!!!!!! making joke with us..
• Hong Kong
3 Jul 10
I knew that this site is a scam all along. Maybe not a scam, but a site that only pays one or two members. 9000 members? Impossible!
@zausiu (610)
• China
5 Jul 10
9K members. -_-. That's ridiculously funny. I'm about to give it try. I'm feeling lucky to search disscussions about this site before I fill the form.
30 Jun 10
joining this kind of site is just a waste of time. instead of wasting your time in this kind of site where you really know that it is very impossible to refer 9000 person just to reach the minimum payout which is very high just invest your time doing things like blogging where you really know that in time you will earn here depending on how you post quality content everyday and monetizing it.
• Singapore
29 Jun 10
It's really hard to find a website that can really earn money.
@webzap (885)
• Philippines
29 Jun 10
I just cancelled my membership with Geostring together with the $10 they gave me when I signed up. This site doesn't work for me, I feel it will take me ages before I can earn my next $10. So bye bye Geostring.