suicide again?

@markleob (1904)
June 29, 2010 8:31am CST
i was shocked yesterday because another student committed suicide. it is the 4th case in just 3 months.. one of it was because of failing grades in COLLEGE Algebra and Calculus and the rest is related to love.. this fellow student of mine committed suicide by DIVING from an overpass with his head heading the CEMENTED national highway.. his head was broken and his brain scattered on the street... this could be a lesson to lovers.. dont give all your love because too much love will kill you..
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• Mexico
30 Jun 10
Hi mark leob: I'm sorry that these sad news happend around you. I think there's something wrong in a particular society when people don't appreciate the value of their own lives. I think that this subject concerns the families, the school, religion but also the politicians. We have to work to make people appreciate the grat value of life. Thanks for sharing with us these sad news. Have a nice day. ALVARO
@markleob (1904)
• Philippines
1 Jul 10
yeah.. i also wondered these incidents only happen this year.. i have been in this place for quite a long time but i only hear this issues this year.. hmmm maybe it is just coincidence that these people took their own lives the same year...
@Candymin (145)
• China
30 Jun 10
Hi, Markleob. "The 4th case in just 3 months" really shocked me. I'm so sorry to hear such bad news. I don't know what should I say, who on earth should we blame for? That is a question. Maybe due to our increasingly crazy society, or people's increasingly weak souls, or the increasingly uncoordinated social relationships. To end one's own life is really an extreme behavior and pessimistic point of view about the world. To be brave, to be strong and to be happy. We should go through and overcome the hardship and difficulties during our life road. Everything will goes well. God bless all. Happy mylotting!