Lots of homework for children

June 29, 2010 9:41am CST
I just came home from work and saw my poor daughter in a pile of books trying to get her homework done. My question is: Is it fair for teachers to load the children with so much homework? My take is that you should not be overburdening the kids too much but should probably be focussing on their strengths and ask the parents to develop those at home. The studies can be taken care of at the school. What say, folks?
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• United States
29 Jun 10
The rule of thumb on homework is that they should expect 10 minutes per night per grade. So first grade should have 10 minutes, 2nd grade 20 minutes, ect. per night. If the homework is much more than that you should request a confrence with your child's teacher. The reason why your child has so much may have something to do with them not finishing thier work in class. The best thing to do is talk to the teacher and find out exactly what is going on, otherwise you will have this struggle all year.
@skysaner (36)
• Malaysia
29 Jun 10
Teacher need to put more effort on teaching and maybe they can have the assignment to be done on that same time because at that time children can still remember the subject that they learn.
29 Jun 10
Unfortunately, when teachers give assignments, they don't know that other teachers also gave assignments. So if all of the teachers decide that they are going to give assignment for that particular day... indeed, what a burden would this be for children and even parents who are supposed to rest after the days work. THis is really a good point. Maybe somebody in the education system should look upon this. CHildren should also have time to rest and play. If after school, they would load the children with a number of homeworks, this would already be abusing the rights of the children to do other things than schooling, right?