Have you had such a dream?

June 29, 2010 12:06pm CST
From my childhood, as long as I can remember myself, I had a one dream, which repeated time to time, usually it was then when I had a high temperature. Dream content to tell is very hard, but I'll try - there is lot of circles, triangles, squares and simple angles in different bright colors - red, green, rose, blue etc. they are moving all around and flow together. In one moment the figure is triangle and in next is changed to circle and so on. It is strange and scary dream, it takes away all reality and when I awake from this dream I am wet and feels comfortless. As my profession is related to psychology I have read and learn about many therapies and theories also about dreams. And discussing with my friends and colleagues this dream we realize that many of them had this dream too. It was very interesting fact and we start to think - does this dream is not a part from collective consciousness which mean K.G.Jung....? What do you think about that? And have you ever had dream such this?
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@Bellapop (1281)
1 Jul 10
No, I've never really had a dream like yours and I dream very regularly and a lot. My dreams in general are usually to do with real situations and they seem so realistic it kind of freaks me out...