panty lines

June 29, 2010 8:36pm CST
hi there mylotters! this is again for the females. when wearing slacks, it is more appropriate to wear seamless undies so that there are no panty lines. this is one thing an older friend told me years back. how about you, do you wear seamless undies when you are in slacks or skirts?
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• Philippines
3 Jul 10
I rarely wear slacks,but I make sure I wear underwear that doesn't have visible panty lines.I have some underwear that are seamless.I don't like wearing thongs just to avoid visible panty lines.even if I wear dresses most of the time,I wear seamless panties.
• Japan
1 Jul 10
I prefer to wear seamless undies for slacks. I think it's more appropriate for females.
• United States
30 Jun 10
Here's how I see it. The vast majority of people wear underwear. I don't think I'm going to be judged if people can tell I'm wearing underwear...and so, I wear whatever I'm comfortable in, whether seamless or not.
• India
30 Jun 10
i don't think it proper to enter a female world.. but... i could not resist --- here is what I had been observing, sitting in my DOCTOR's chamber.. these days, there is a lot of CASUAL WEAR around. even when going to office, or to a religious gathering, almost all ... forget to wear formal dresses. and, wearing slacks .. has become a habit to women. .. and, when this is just NOT for the reasons of fashion.. but, for the reason of being casual. .. .I don't think, they bother to keep minding about the panty lines... if at all. and, I feel, no female is ever conscious of her visibilty of panty lines or even the zipper. It is only the MALE that keep checking for the zippers --- so frequently, that I SOMETIMES quip.. if one is checking if the insides have not dropped off..