Do you believe in a long distance relationship?

June 30, 2010 4:14am CST
Just wondering how will you handle long distance relationship. Will you not be tempted to have another partner who you can see and be with everyday? Do you think you can TRUST your partner enough?
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@maean_19 (4661)
• Philippines
30 Jun 10
I believe that long distance relationship will work out for some and not to others. It really depends on the two persons involved if they "want" to work it out or decide to break up. I humbly say that I was in a long distance relationship and I can say that it did not work out for us. I am very much proud then that I can see that we can make it through despite the distance, yet for some unexpected reasons, we have to call it quit. This is not a discouragement though. I had a more than 5 years relationship, 3 years of which was spent as long distance because my ex is working overseas. We are actually engaged and will get marry this October 2010, but again, unexpectedly I met someone who is able to spend some time with me. My ex considered it as a temptation, but I consider it as coincidence. I did not look for it, nor wish for it, yet love happens. Consequently, I broke up with my fiancee and chose the new one. No marriage will happen this October. I have a similar discussion like this before and was then proud that it may work out. Right now, my answer is different. I think, it really matters that you should not take each other for granted. Communication and love is not enough. What is the worth of working long long distance away, when you could no longer find time to talk with your significant other. I don't know. Perhaps, it really works for those who can wait. But it did not work out for me because finding money outside the country is not equivalent of time wasted to spend with a loved one. I am not closing my door though with my ex fiancee.
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@Skade24 (750)
• Romania
27 Jul 10
Yes, i believe, because i am already in a distance relationship for like 10 months now, and i must say i am very happy with him, we see each other every month, for like a week or two, it depends of his free time. When we are apart we always talk on the phone, for like 3-4 hours a day. This is not my first distance relationship, but is the first that works just fine. The secret is to keep in touch with you bf or gf.
• Portugal
12 Jul 10
i believe it bcs i had a bf through internet and i had the chance to go out with other guy near me a guy that i met near my school and i didnt go out with him even he seemed a sweet person i didnt go with him bcs i really loved my bf. if i went out with that guy he wouldnt find out bcs he lived so far but i never did so bcs i really loved him and wanted be with him even he was far from me^^ so yes i believe in it^^ but it all depends if you really love the person or not^^
@dodo19 (34288)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
1 Jul 10
Yes, I do think that long distance relationship can happen and exist. I'm not saying that they're easy. Just like any other relationship, they require a lot of work, perhaps even slightly more than others.
• United States
30 Jun 10
I was in a long distance relationship with my ex. We were together three years and going strong. Then I moved to miami and he remained in NY. He flew to my home every friday night for the weekend. Then out of the blue he had an afair with is ex that he found in the bed with anohter woman. I was pissed and removed myself from the relationship. I will never be in a long distance relationship ever again.
• South Korea
30 Jun 10
Have done it and have seen it work. Sometimes have seen it fail. I think a lot depends on the people themselves and the nature of their relationship. I mean those who are calm and solid are better at it than those who need constant attention and are suspicious by nature. Looking back on my relationships I can easily see which may have had a chance at long distance and which wouldn't.
• United Arab Emirates
30 Jun 10
I know its difficult. This is the 2nd time that i have been away from my wife in the last 6 years. Firts time it was for a year. Now again for a year its already been 5 months now. It is difficult to handle things when you are far. You tend to get tempted but luckily I havnt come across such a situation. I concentrate on my work and during the free tome I am on the internet.