The Grandfather Clock.

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November 16, 2006 9:26pm CST
This is a post I did for one of my Willow High&DarkHaven Academy characters. Her name is Emily Hawthorne, and this was the first post I ever wrote for her. Introducing her to the world of Willow Heights, or more exactly... a poor old man named Robert. Who wasn't expecting something so strange to happen to him on a typical night of working at the train station. Please let me know what you think~ The Grandfather Clock Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick- Tic... The grandfather clock had been a reliable source of information for over two decades, there wasn't a single employee at the train station who didn't find it charming. With it's polished chestnut exterior, and the brass ornaments which adorned it. Even the steady gong upon the hour was a sense of comfort, ecspecially to Robert Woods, who just happened to be running the desk himself tonight. He was in the process of re-stacking the packages that would have to be loaded onto the next train, when an eerie silence fell about him. At first, he couldn't figure out why the silence was so unsettiling. Wasn't it typically a noise that made someone feel as though something was amiss? Standing upright from his labor, he pulls a red hanky from the back of his blue cover-alls and begins to wipe a bit of night sweat from his brow. In the sixty years he had been working for this train station, a lot of strange things happened. Of course, with a school like Willow High just outside of town that was expected to happen quite a bit. None of that explained why there was suddenly a haunting silence spread all about the train station. Shoving the red hanky back into his pocket, he slowly makes his way back inside- his old bones groaning in protest with every step of the way. By the time he made it back into the main portion of the station, his old memory was playing tricks on him. He couldn't quite remember why he'd even come back into the building. After all, he still had a lot of work to do outside on the platform before that next train came rolling in. Cursing his old age, Robert swivels about on his feet and starts walking back towards the exit once again. His dress shoes, shined to perfection made a funny tip tapping noise against the floor as he went about his way. However, this time there wasn't a chance for him to make it back outside. For a strange, and yet alluring mist had made it's way to the train station. As the mist gathers about the doors, it seems to thicken and become more of a fog-like substance. Blinking in surprise, Robert's legs wobble slightly as he takes a few steps back and away from the glass doors of the station house. " What the devil, has the Grim Reaper come for me at last? " Robert's voice was strained, and the sweat he had so carefully wiped from his brow was now back, and ten times more damp than it had been prior to coming inside. Fumbiling for that red hanky, he manages to free it with one swift pull, and uses it to wipe his face once more. He couldn't quite make out what was happening on the other side of those walls- but something told him it was...strange...All of these seemed to go on for hours within Robert's human mind, but in reality it had been mere seconds- and not even that, for time had stood still. The fog laps against the door, slowly making its way between the various cracks and crevices. Once it's all inside, it stays just on the indoor mat and begins to form a collumn upwards. Twisting and spiraling, until it reaches a height of about five feet, and seven inches. From within the fog, a soft very lady-like sneeze can be heard, and with that the fog had simply vanished, leaving Emily Rose Hawthorne standing in it's place. She wears a long beige colored dress with maroon straps here and there, it was quite elegant, not something a human girl would wear every day. Her straw blond colored hair is pulled back into a slightly falling bun, and eyes the color of a rich merlot wine stare towards the shivering old man. " Can you tell me of the escourt to Willow High? " And as her soft voice graces the area, the grandfather clock begins to make it's steady pulse known once more. Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick- ~ To see what happens next, or learn about the role playing game this post is a part of then just go to the following place~ Link:
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19 Nov 06
I've always liked this post, I think it's one of your best. I remember reading it before, when you shared it at our yahoo group. She's one of your most well thought out characters. So gentle, and confused coming to a new realm for the first time.