I feel lonely and unattractive

July 1, 2010 3:56am CST
sometimes I'm sick and tired of being alone.when people look at me at the time i feel like stupid. but i'm a good looking person and i have a job,money,friends...why i feel lonely?i have this question long time but i did't get right answer until now..
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@clouds0327 (1390)
• Philippines
14 Jul 10
That means that what you have in your life is not what makes you happy. Having money , friends and looks doesnt mean happiness its how you perceive happiness. There is something deep inside of you that is looking for something else. Happy family, Real friends, a meaning to having money. For short, maybe you are lacking that reason why you are working and living.. You should look for that. Or just feel contented and feel blessed with what you have.
@avani26 (1521)
• India
1 Jul 10
At all the days are same jothimani. I do get the feeling some days also even though I am the most loving husband and need not bother about anything else. I can say I am average looking but there are days when you just feel frustrated for nothing and try to remove faults with everything. Do not get depressed dear the day will pass and you will feel better again.
• India
1 Jul 10
jus beleive in yourself and start loving yourself....everybody feels lonely.....u need to be happy with wotever u have...jus go with the flow....
• China
1 Jul 10
I think the reason you have this feeling maybe comes from yourself.Are you a introvert or extrovert person?Do you like quiet or noisy environment?Maybe when other people speak with you,you were thinking over your own things and pay no attention to others,but when you want to listen to others,they have been over.Or maybe you were hurt in the past so you do not like speaking in public place.Or maybe you are a little pessimistic and you ofen see the dark side of things.In my opinion,you can listen to somen joyful music to make yourself easy or talk with your best friend and tell your loneliness.As long as you make yourself happy,you will feel everything around you is beautiful then your mood will be good.Good luck.
@med889 (5958)
1 Jul 10
I have also felt like you are feeling, I think we may have everything but yet we think of something which is trivial, and sometimes this triviality becomes so important that we forget everything and think negatively so be bold and think only for the positive and happy thing in your life now.
@abj163 (1038)
• India
1 Jul 10
hello.....this happens with me also....but no worries about it....because every problem has a solution....i have found solution on loneliness.....and it is reading....just read books ....specially inspirational books and everything will be all right....try this way i think it will work..hope this will help....and if possible get a girlfriend happy mylotting
@mokkka (883)
• Bulgaria
1 Jul 10
There should be a reason that you feel lonely.As you say you are not alone having friends around you but you may feel lonely if these friends are not really close to you.Each person needs close people or at least one who is enough to whom you may share everything without feeling worried about whatever.This is the person you have to look for.