How do we conquer old bad habits?

@roldango (232)
July 1, 2010 10:43am CST
Everyone has habit/s that are sometimes better to leave behind..... but how do we do that effectively?... Like holding back those nasty urges to puff those cigarettes...or keeping on time all the time with schedules...
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@sasuke96 (799)
• India
1 Jul 10
Hi friend, we all have habits. Habits are a type of our life's part. Habits can be differented in 2 types, they are good habits and bad habits. Good habits are good to have but we used to have bad habits too [e.g. cigerate, casino]. For, conquering our bad habits it is neceserrary to make a chart of bad habits and try to stop them from doing daily. This how we can conqer them. Happy mylotting!
@roldango (232)
• Philippines
1 Jul 10
thanx sasuke96 for your insights....
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
1 Jul 10
Well, the main thing is to be really motivated, and know why you want to do this, if it is for health reasons, financial reasons and so on. And then you must keep reminding yourself of the reasons behind the change as soon as it gets tough. It is really the only way to do it!
1 Jul 10
Ig uess, for one to succeed in kicking a bad old habit, one should first answer the big question,"Do I really want to kick this old habit and change?" Next, one should convince himself first that the old habit is not good for him/her and that there is necessity for change. Bottom-line, one has to psyche up himself and prepare himself mentally and psychologically and even emotionally before doing the physical thing. Perseverance and discipline are must virtues at the same time. Should these aelements be absent, I guess, it would be difficult to conquer those bad habits.