Heart of Ice, Pt: 3

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November 16, 2006 9:37pm CST
This is one of my posts from my newest rpg forum " The Dragon Wars ". My character is Wynsteria, better known as Wyn. There are three posts involved in this thread, and the post done by Eclipse, is my friend that I'm role playing with. I'm posting his part of the thread, with his premission, so that my two posts combined make more sense to those of you reading. You can find a link to the forum at the bottom of this post. This is actually part three, of the "Heart of Ice" thread. Please, tell me what you think ~Eclipse: Eclipse was indeed grateful for the assistance the other Dragon had given him, for he would have most certainly lost more than the fight is she had not stayed around. After a few moments of laying in silence, for the world outside was eerily calm, he payed more attention to the scent the other Dragon was giving off, and had recognized as Wyn's. He desperately wanted to go outside to see her one more time, but he kept saying to himself..."I don't deserve to lay my eyes upon you any longer....."He then felt thte light footfalls of someone still above his home, and realized that she hadn't left yet. "Maybe you have stayed around to finish what Azul has started. I can't blame you. But I don't feel as if I deserve even death." He anxiously waited to see what Wyn was to do next, not only to see her again, but to see what her next course of action would be. He had almost pushed the thought of Azul's return completely out of his head, although that wasn't the wisest course of action to take. Wynsteria: Wynsteria was caught up in her own mind, thoughts of Jenessa, Eclipse, and her son dancing about her mind. Before she realized what had happened, her eyes had drifted closed, and she had fallen into a light sleep. That was never refreshing, sleep held nothing but depressing memories for her as of late. Frolicing in the snow with Eclipse, the way they would pounce, and tumble through the snow drifts. The dreams were starting to feel more real, as if her body really was rolling. It's not until a sharp pain drifts along her spine, and the side of her neck, that she's roused from sleep, to find that it wasn't all a dream. Sadly, it wasn't Eclipse as she had hoped, but rather, Azul. He had roused himself from the depths of the sea, when he noticed that Eclipse was nowhere in sight, and Wynsteria had fallen asleep. She finds herself pinned to the ground on the eastern side of the cavern, Azul's body wrapped tightly around her own, his fangs biting down roughly into her throat. She tries to roar, to do anything... but the pressure of his fangs has cut off her wind supply, she's not able to breathe, much less call out. He had made the mistake of leaving her front claws free though, so she brings them down roughly upon Azul's head, trying in desperation to free his vice-like grip from her throat. Eclipse: Eclipse had once again heard the light thumping on his roof, and it quickly traveled to thte Eastern part of his home. He thought Wyn had somehow fallen off the roof from slipping off, but that was dismissed for two reasons: First of which was the fact that Wyn was also an Ice Dragon, there was no possible way she could let herself slip off of his roof like that. The second was the fact that he once again picked up Azul's scent. Once again, he cursed himself for letting his guard down, this time it was Wyn that was paying for his carelessness. He quickly made his way out of his cave, just to find Wyn wrapped within the coiled up Azul, trying to fight her way out of his clutches. Not only was the sight of Azul alone infuriating, but the sight of him attacking Wyn on HIS island was enough to make Eclipse fly off the deep end. Although chances are that Wyn was disgusted with the sight of Eclipse, he could care less at the current moment, for she was in danger. He swiftly rushed the preoccupied Azul, knowing that the Serpent was prepared to counter whatever Eclipse decided to throw. Azul had tried to break Wyn's neck from the way he had her in his jaws, but Wyn's strength had averted the success of his attempt. It was then that Eclipse came from behind Azul, and closed his own jaws around the back of Azul's head, closing on the pressure points behind his ears, and forcing Azul to release his death grip on Wyn. She was eventually freed, but Eclipse hadn't released the grip he had on Azul's head. He, in fact, put more pressure on the head of his adversary, in an attempt to literally crush his skull between his jaws. But after their first encounter, Eclipse was still too drained to effectively administer the coup de grace. For the time being, Eclipse did what he could in holding Azul at bay, while he waited for Wyn to leave. The only problem was Azul wasn't planning on giving Eclipse the time necessary to tell Wyn to make her escape. He felt himself quickly tiring, and Azul had began to attain the advantage. Azul had been using his long, slender body to his advantage during the entire confrontation, not only with Wyn, but also Eclipse. He also noted that Eclipse was becoming sluggish, a definite sign that fatigue was setting in. "Ahahaha.......wonderful. I should have him out of the way in no time. And then it's on to that other pest who decided to stick around." Azul thought to himself Eclipse had once again gone for Azul's neck, and successfully latched onto it, but didn't have the strength to keep Azul from doing anything. He was subsequently thrown from Azul's body, and he had taken the same position on Eclipse that he had when he ambushed Wyn moments before. The only difference was this time, Azul made quite sure that Eclipse had been bound so that he had nothing free to defend himself with. Azul dared Wyn to approach him with the gaze he sent her way, for he knew one way or the other, he would get away from this fight relatively unharmed. Wynsteria: Once her body is freed from Azul's grasp, she scitters away from the duo of fighting males. However, she does not leave the island. Merely backs up far enough for her to catch her breath, and take in all that's happening. For a few seconds, it looked as though Eclipse would get the upper hand, but in mere seconds that thin image of hope dissolves. Now Azul was wrapped about him, far more tightly than he had been her. She knew how horrible that felt, and Eclipse would be able to see the distressed panic within her sapphire eyes. Even after all that he had put her through, her eyes could not hide, nor deny the fact that she still cared deeply for him. She could not simply pounce, Azul held Eclipse in too dangerous of a position, she could tell, if she made the wrong move... It would not take but a mere grip of the serpents jaw to strike a fatal blow to Eclipse. Closing her eyes for a moment, she lets her mind flow with various actions, and their eventual outcomes. After that brief moment, her eyes open, and they lock upon Eclipse's once more. What she was about to do, it was foolish, and she knew that. She knew that without even having to give it thought. With her eyes staring deeply into Eclipse's, a soft glowing blue light, which seems to be wrapped within a thinner white light, begins to drift from her body, and enters his. Azul would not be able to see any of this happening, as it was a very special sort of spell. Something that a dragon could only do, for the dragon who she or he as the case may be, loved without any doubt, or hesitations. She was giving Eclipse her strength, physical, and magical. Of course, once the battle was over, he would be able to return it to her. But if Eclipse died and Azul was the victor... Well, Wynsteria did not want to think about that. She continues to hold eye contact with Eclipse until the transference is complete. And though she's tired, and can feel her body trying to crumple. She stands fast, and tall- not wanting Azul to know that she was now as weak and helpless as a rag doll. {{ TO BE CONTINUED!}} http://draconicwards.proboards88.com/index.cgi
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What an intense battle! TTFN