Working on My Home

My hovel - The outside of my trailer.
United States
July 1, 2010 2:56pm CST
I own a 3 bedroom trailer which is a real fixer-upper. Since purchasing this baby two years ago, I have replaced all the single pane windows, replaced the flooring in three rooms, painted two rooms, installed a ramp, replaced the tub surround, replaced the toilet and had extensive work done on the plumbing. My current project is redoing the bathroom floor, which is a slow moving one, mainly because I am at the mercy of others due to my disability. I have put down some of the plywood but haven't the foggiest how to manage around the toilet to level off the floor. Since I can't afford to pay someone to come and do it, what I can't do I ask friends to help with. Since friends have their own lives to live you can imagine how long I'm having to wait. I was promised the hole in my bathroom ceiling would get fixed two years ago and I'm still waiting. I'm afraid to make a stink about it as it is, after all, not an obligation on their part. I don't know how to remind someone and motivate them without sounding like I'm growing impatient and whining. Any suggestions???
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