What's The Best Way To Let People Know About Your Blog?

United States
July 1, 2010 3:04pm CST
Hi, I self-published a book. The book is a compilation of several of my stories (some published already but I retained the rights, and some new material). It's a large print trade softcover, large print because I thought the book would appeal more so to the mid-to-older generation due to some of the nostalgia along with everyday life pieces, clean humor, etc.. A friend told me one of the better ways to advertise such a book online is to blog about it. I don't know how I'd find the time, with the other writing I'm doing, but I suppose I could. I know there are a lot of sites that provide you with the opportunity to create free blogs, but how do you get people to find and read the blog? A lot of the material I've read on this basically says this or that person just started doing their own blog and people somehow eventually just started reading it. How exactly is that possible? It seems, as much as I like my book and as much some others seem to like it (I got a few orders the second day it was published from a friend of a friend who saw it and immediately ordered some copies...and this was someone I didn't know), it seems to me that it would get a bit boring reading a blog only about this particular book. I suppose I could put some of the essays from the book and link it back to the book. Or perhaps I could just do a blog on how to write well or give hints on how to get articles published and so on. Or maybe I could post other humorous essays to the blog, in the same style as the book, since that would be something I would actually enjoy writing. (I don't mind doing articles on writing well but I've done that off and on for years and I have to do it when I teach writing and it's really boring for me to do those now.) Perhaps if people liked the essays they might decide to buy the book via a link on the blog, but even if I do that then how do I get people, strangers, directed to the blog to introduce them to the blog and subsequently the book? What do you think? I haven't created a blog before and haven't done so as of yet. Has anyone tried a blog to promote your writing? If so, how did you get traffic to your site and how did it work out for you? Thanks for any help here.
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