We have another incidental finding of Mole

vesicles with placental tissues - This is the mole
@mimiang (3777)
July 1, 2010 6:34pm CST
A patient came with ultrasound of blighted ovum. It means that there was no fetus inside that was formed. However, when we did completion curettage, vesicles came out from her and thus, our diagnosis became hydatidiform mole. She underwent work-up and we did chemotherapy to ensure that she will not develop choriocarcinoma
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• India
2 Jul 10
oh. i am sorry for the would-be mother. it is so sad that she had been carrying the tissues, thinking them to be her off-spring.. and, alas. it has turned out to be more dangerous to her health too. could you please give some tips as to how to identify this earlier, without even going to an abdomen/pelvic ULTRA SOUND... just in case!
@mimiang (3777)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
The vesicular tissues we got. - Hydatidiform mole is an abnormal kind of pregnancy.
It is hard to tell but sometimes we suspect it when the abdomen is larger than usual and the preeclampsia ensues earlier than usual. There is also more episodes of vomiting than usual.