Live Life To the Fullest..

July 2, 2010 10:03am CST
Is this statement true?What do you think..Can a human live the way he want to.. I dont think so..
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@kharlav (1672)
• Philippines
2 Jul 10
I believe that every person has different wants, needs and likes, all these would include things that might go against other people's needs or the societies rules or law. I think living life to the fullest would be irresponsible and greedy because a person can only live his life to the fullest if he only thinks of himself, not thinking of his actions, whether it is good or bad. Or right for any situation.
@bubulizzz (506)
• Latvia
2 Jul 10
Why you think so? I think that human can live his life in the way he want it. Of course it is not so easy, but it isn't impossible. For example I think that Buddhist monks live their life in full harmony and this way is that what they have chosen and what they want to live. Certainly I don't mean all Buddhists, but some part of them absolutely. Buddhists is only example, but I believe that in every religion, culture and society there are many humans which live like they want it. These people for sure is not stricken with material values, but their priority is spiritual or something like that. They live according their soul and mind, in harmony with nature and God.