Differece in numbers in different countries

July 2, 2010 11:47am CST
In my country,some numbers have particular significance in themselves.For example,13 and 250 all mean that someone is foolish.Meanwhile, numbers which contains 8 are always been thought as signs of fortune and almost everyone pursue and like it.Then what situation is it in your country? Which numbers stand for fortune or the opposite? I am very curious about that.
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• China
3 Jul 10
Apart from Shanghai,13 doesn't mean foolish in other city in China. Because of Beckham,7 is now populared with many youny guy.
• China
5 Jul 10
I have no feeling with Becakham .Maybe I am the only one female who is not obsessed with him at all.
• India
2 Jul 10
There are few - 420, a cheater person, also some muslim friends of mine believe in 786, I never knew logic behind this but believe there must be some signifance and importance attached and that is the reason they believe in this number. No idea as to which number stand for future or opposite
• China
5 Jul 10
Very interesting information,thank your for your sharing