which has the easy job.

July 2, 2010 12:16pm CST
which is has the easy job?, a Public health Nurse or A staff nurse in the Hospital? mostly they say PHN (Public Health Nurses) has the easy job because they mostly stay in the Health Center, yet it no really true. It has so many program that needed to accomplish. How about a Staff Nurse? its not easy also because your handling a lot of patients and prone do different microorganism. also the schedule is rotation in a 3 shift per day.. So which has the easy JOB for you?
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@cadguy08 (1224)
• Canada
4 Jul 10
How come you looking for easiest job there are no easy job, if you need to earn money you have to sacrifice yourself and learn more . I f you want only money then you should not be going to nursing stuff , nursing is a great job to learn, experience and make tons of money. Sorry for my straight forward answered but that's truth about work.
@TexLadyPj (1329)
• United States
4 Jul 10
Herro xiong360 First off, welcome to mylot. May you enjoy your experience and education at mylot as mush as I do. I think these assignments change from time to time. Some are overseas. If I were a nurse, I think I would want to be a Public Health Nurse. They are assigned in various assignments, some overseas. Nursing was not my vocation of choice. I spent 20yrs in the military, then became a counselor. Prosperous mylotting